WW2 Painting/Modeling/Resources

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Allied Uniforms and Equipment
Allied Uniforms and Equipment resource

Fantastic research website.  NB: Please observe  author's copyright

Engines of the Red Army WW2

WOW! Illustrations of Tanks, guns, truck and much more! NB: Please observe  author's copyright

World War Two

Reference Guide for Gamers and Modelers

Great reference for all your WW2 requirments

Blitz and Peaces

WWII Reinactments, Uniforms and much more.Great reference for painting and modeling
Click here

Soviet Storm: WW2 in the East (History Channel)
We have been loving this TV programme, sadly now at finished. Check out their web site at:http://www.history.co.uk/shows/soviet-storm--world-war-ii-in-the-east.html

Tank camo Illustrations:
One of the best tank camo illustration web sites we have come across for WW2. 

Please note all work is of copyright to the author.

Krieg's Corner. A great Inspirational web site for WW2 Gamers

Re-enactment society web link

Kompanie 1 is currently one of the largest re-enactment societies in Europe taking part in public and private battles around the country as well as putting on static displays at officially organised military and WWII shows. 

Comparison of tanks used by USA, Russia, Germany and France & Japan from TANK LOVERS GROUP website
A great picture resource website. Charts in HD on site  Click here

U.S. paratrooper 3D turnaround uniform website
A great picture resource website click here
U.S. paratrooper 3D turnaround uniform website

WW2 and Modern World Guns website
A great picture resource website Click here

Modeling the U.S. Army in WWII
This site is designed to assist people new to the hobby or American AFVs, as well as those more experienced modelers who’ve tired of “everything German” and are seeking a taste of olive drab. Click here

Great source for all WW2 stuff and more Click here

British Tank Markings in Normandy Click Here

Another great tank camo reference Google link click here

Tanks-encyclopediaWow Click here

Alpine Miniatures Click here 
Great source for uniform  colours/camo also for purchasing 1/35 FIGURES /1/16 FIGURES

FOWP painting is of a high standard.  A multi layer process is used on all figures together with washes and highlights and...