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15mm Battlefront 2 x Jagdpanthers with some foliage, battle damage/dust etc.

FOWP is proud to announce that Miniature Figure Painting (MFP) web/social media sites 
have been incorporated into the FOWP brand. The MFP/FOWP media sites will now reciprocate and support each other. All painting on both sites will be produced by Barry Evans.

Both Logo's may be displayed on images or a single logo where their corresponding scale is shown.

Moving forward the goal is to keep mostly 15mm 
WW2/post WW2 painting service work on the FOWP media sites with the MFP site becoming a painting service for 20/28mm/54mm WW2/post WW2.
All other wargame/historic periods will be dropped for MFP.
Some of FOWP work has already crossed over and is been displayed on the MFP 

The new web sites are in production, however they may take a little time to update.

Thank you for your great feedback and support

FOWP is moving. After four great years been based at Stafford Universities Creative/Business Village. Due to the University relocating its Stafford Campus to the Stoke site, the building has been re designated for their new admin dept. Best wishes go out to all the other creative business who are in a similar position to FOWP. Business will continue as usual during the search and I will update you on progress:)

PLEASE discontinue with the old University postal address and contact us via email or Face Book FOWP for a postal update ( when sending commissions to us) while FOWP is looking for another work place:)
We have been encouraged to have some of the big modeling and wargame publications following us...many thanks.  

Coming soon..2016 28mm Bolt Action Painted Vehicles and Figures.

During the next few months we will be presenting some of our painted Bolt Action WW2 examples.

New Painting work
See our gallery for latest work.

We have now created our Twitter Page. 
Our address is:

Thank you all for your support and following:)

FOWP painting is of a high standard.  A multi layer process is used on all figures together with washes and highlights and...