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Welcome to our WW2 Flames of war painting blog.

Home of Quality Painted WW2 miniatures.

Do you need your army painting for that important game with no time to paint them, or are you an experienced wargamer with little painting skills? FOWP can help. Contact FOWP with your enquiry. 

FOWP is a wargames miniature painting company based in Staffordshire, United Kingdom.
FOWP provide a painting service for quality WW2 wargames figures,WW2 painted tanks, WW2 painted infantry and World War 2 painted vehicles ready the fight on your wargames table. We also now paint miniatures for 15mm - 28mm miniature painting for WW2, Vietnam, Arab Israel conflicts. 

FOWP also specialise in: World War Two and Vietnam 20mm scale painting and World War 2, Vietnam 28mm scale painting (Coming soon). 

Please view the this site and our Facebook site for our latest painted figures, figure sales or auctions or if you would like us to take a commission please contact us.


Please read and agree with FOWP terms and conditions before entering into any commission. Painting commissions will ONLY be taken on the basis that you agree with them.

Email us at info@flamesofwarpainting.co.uk 

FOWP painting is of a high standard, and paint here in the UK . FOWP love painting figures/vehicles from our favourite wargame manufactures. Flames of War Battlefront, Peter Pig , SkyTrex, Zeveda 15mm, Plastic Soldier Company  Forged in Battle and Warlord Games WW2 Bolt action miniatures and SHQ miniatures.

FOWP painting is of a high standard.  A multi layer process is used on all figures together with washes and highlights and...